Michelle C. booked her first appointment in order to combat pain and inflammation after dental surgery. Two weeks later she returned to get on the weekly schedule because she “hasn’t felt so energized and pain-free” since before her battle with fibromyalgia began several years ago. She said the energy lasted for days and was “such a relief from the fatigue” to which she’s become accustomed.

Amanda Conti of Tuscany Hollow Stables is a Kentucky-based Eventing rider and trainer who excelled in Preliminary, CCI*, during 2018 and is currently moving up to Intermediate, CCI**. Her mount, Greigermeister, is “affectionately” known around the barn as Ogre…but his demeanor belies that moniker on massage and Magna Wave day! His weekly treatments keep him happy during training, and doubling up on therapy the week before a show helps keep him sound and gives him the performance edge throughout the season. Look out for this duo on the circuit during 2019!

Renowned trainer and coach, Angela Ariatti, of Ariatti Equestrian Services, began with a demo Magna Wave PEMF treatment for one of her older lesson horses and now has had me apply the therapy for pulling abscesses, supporting healing for sesamoid fracture and suspensory tendon strain, and a myriad of musculoskeletal and physiotherapy applications for several horses she has in training as well as many horses of riders she is coaching. This is a results-driven horsewoman who does not waste time nor money on fads and gimmicks; I am proud to be working with her!

Jan H. arrived to massage and Magna Wave PEMF treatment after rounds of chiropractic and physical therapy had provided only minimal relief for pain and extremely limited range of motion she suffered in her shoulder and elbow. What she saw as a last resort turned out to provide a full recovery! Now, occasional maintenance sessions are also a chance to fine tune minor aches in other parts of her body and/or provide support for fatigue after business travel.

Mark W., from Louisville, KY, retired from the U.S. Postal Service after years of work in a repetitive-motion job. He also has a full hip replacement. I’ve worked with him for three years to help him regain mobility and reach his athletic goals, with tremendous success. Using traditional Swedish massage techniques as well as tigger-point therapy, side-lying massage, and muscle energy technique, Mark has been able to achieve gains in running, swimming, biking, and weight training. He has also been able to join friends in a weekly competitive basketball game. With the addition of Magna Wave PEMF therapy, he trimmed ninety seconds from his personal best time for his four-mile run, and is “achieving more than [I] ever thought would be possible again after surgery”. His use of prescription NSAIDs is “significantly less” since adding Magna Wave PEMF therapy to weekly sessions, as well.

Jenni H., from LaGrange, KY, has two sport horses in treatment with me. Both are over 15 years of age and compete regionally in the jumpers over 2’9″. While neither horse has specific issues, per se, when Jenni’s trainer saw them go after their second therapy session, he said, “Keep doing whatever you’re doing with them; they’re moving through these turns like butter!” At their first show after adding Magna Wave PEMF therapy to the weekly maintenance treatment regimen, Jenni said she had “the most lovely, energized but concentrated rounds we’ve ever had.” They placed in the ribbons and arrived home happy and sound.

Additional testimonials, as well as verified references, are available upon request.