What is LZR Ultrabright LLLT?

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LZR Ultrabright LLLT (low level laser therapy, or LED/red light therapy/cold laser therapy) has a proven effect on the mitochondria in cells, making it a great adjunct therapy to massage and Magna Wave. I see results with equine, canine, and human clients alike with this device, whether I use it on its own or in conjunction with the other modalities in my practice.

Shown below are photos of a persistently difficult hock wound on an aging mare I worked with using only Magna Wave for over a month. On the left, the wound (which had been cultured and declared finally clear of any remaining infection) was still stubbornly open; there was quite a bit of veterinary care involved in determining treatment, don’t worry. After ONE treatment with LZR Ultrabright LLLT, the results are shown two days later in the photo on the right.

Dee wound

The wound has continued to heal; there has been one additional treatment:

Dee wound 2

Imagine what this therapy can do for horses, pets, and livestock suffering from rain rot, scratches, sweet itch…all manner of skin conditions!?

There are medical study results to support such awesome wound-healing effects, here.

And additional studies regarding LLLT efficacy for other conditions:

Muscle recovery

Ligament/tendon damage and pain

Bone regeneration

Nerve regeneration

Reduction of diabetic neuropathy pain

I’ve been using the LZR Ultrabright LLLT on cases involving muscle recovery as well as tendon and ligament issues; I’m observing higher quality results in a shorter amount of time, every time.

For more detailed information about the way LZR Ultrabright LLLT affects the cells of the body, and why this device distributed by Magna Wave is the best equipment on the market to have that effect, please contact me. I love discussing this science that works like magic!