What is Magna Wave PEMF?

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Magna Wave Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy works on a cellular level to stimulate circulation, increase oxygenation to muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve overall performance.

It can not only aid in recovery after injury, but is an excellent support during training or as part of a general wellness protocol. It is used by NASA to combat bone density loss in astronauts, and has oncology, rheumatology, and stem cell applications as well. In 2006, PEMF technology gained FDA approval for use in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Not only for humans, PEMF therapy is ideal in equines for tendon and ligament support and repair; muscle soreness during training or performance (FEI approved); quarter cracks, abscess, and other hoof issues; anhidrosis; travel fatigue and many other performance concerns. Top trainers in all disciplines are using PEMF technology to keep their equine athletes and favored pleasure horses competition ready and later, comfortable in retirement. Senior animals are more likely to avoid the woes of arthritis and other aches when treated regularly with PEMF therapy, and Magna Wave is the industry leader with state-of-the art technology and training for their Certified practitioners.

Companion animals, too – including birds, pocket pets, and reptiles – can reap the benefits of post-op recovery, post-injury rehabilitation, twilight-years support, or just general wellness treatment with PEMF therapy. Magna Wave PEMF therapy has been anecdotally shown to reduce anxiety in nervous pets and help set them up for better behavioral training outcomes.

For more detailed information about the way Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy affects the cells of the body, and why Magna Wave produces the best equipment to have that effect, please contact me. I love discussing this science that works like magic!