Session Pricing

Individual Session Pricing:

  • Massage – Human – 30 min – $35
  • Massage – Human – 45 min – $45
  • Massage – Human – 60 min – $60
  • Massage – Human – 90 min – $90
  • Massage + Magna Wave PEMF – Human – 60 min – $75
  • Massage + Magna Wave PEMF – Human – 90 min – $105
  • Chakra Balancing + Magna Wave PEMF – Human – $75 (2 sessions recommended)
  • Massage – Equine – $60
  • Massage + Magna Wave PEMF – Equine Full Treatment – $75
  • Magna Wave PEMF – Equine Partial (e.g. at show; abscess; etc) – varies, $40 – $65
  • Magna Wave PEMF – Companion Animal – varies, $20 – $50
  • LZR Ultrabright add-on to any treatment (free w/Partnership) – $10
  • Partnership pricing – custom; please contact me to discuss options

Kindly provide 24 hours notice when possible to cancel or reschedule

Package pricing for individuals, sliding-scale billing and Gift Certificates are also available.

Prices shown are standards; custom therapy protocols incur tailored pricing, to be agreed upon before any treatment in implemented. Please contact me for more information.


Federal and Kentucky State guidelines at this time have been relaxed since initially determined in March; I am meeting the remaining requirements, and in most cases going beyond the regulations. Protocol for my human massage practice will follow Kentucky State board guidelines; please note I limit to seeing one client per day. Protocol for equine and pet clients is as follows:

Every morning:

  • Disinfect automobile seats and rear hatch floor with spray disinfectant made especially for fabric
  • Disinfect automobile steering wheel, dash, instruments, door handles, console, floor mats, etc with spray disinfectant
  • Disinfect cell phone with disinfectant wipes

Client appointment:

  • Sanitize hands with surgical-scrub (soap and water) method if available; hand-sanitizer as second choice
  • Gloves are worn during appointment
  • Mask is worn if social distancing is not able to be maintained or if adequate ventilation is not available
  • At conclusion of appointment:
    • Equipment, including rolling cart and wheels, disinfected with spray disinfectant or disinfectant wipes
    • Lead rope, cross ties, any other touched surface in environment disinfected with spray disinfectant or disinfectant wipes
    • Disinfectant wipes and other refuse disposed in covered garbage receptacles. If none are available, these are placed in sealed plastic bag(s) and removed for disposal in garbage bin outside of my home
    • At, but not in, vehicle gloves are removed and disposed as per disinfectant wipes per above
    • Use of hand sanitizer before touching steering wheel or other components in vehicle
    • Disinfect cell phone with disinfectant wipe, if applicable

Conclusion of day:

  • Sealed plastic bag(s) of gloves and other refuse are disposed in garbage bin outside of home (if applicable)